Thursday, May 22

Candy, Candy, Candy

I find that anything I can do with candy-- and chocolate candy is even better-- is sure to be a hit. This idea is an abbreviated version of a Hershey Stick holder that I found at this blog a while back. I finally got around to playing with it. For this version of the Hershey Stick holder, I used Chocolate Chip and Wild Wasabi cardstock along with Afternoon Tea designer paper and Chocolate twill. 1. The bottom Chocolate Chip layer is 11 x 3" and is scored on both ends at 5 3/8" creating a little groove in the bottom for the sticks to sit in.
2. The top Wild Wasabi layer is 5 1/2 x 3" and is scored at both ends at 2 5/8" to crate a little groove in the top for the sticks to fit in.

3. Adhered the Afternoon Tea paper on top of the Chocolate Chip cardstock.

4. Stick the word window punch in as far as you can over the Afternoon Tea paper, lining it up with the right side and punch. Now, keeping it in as far as it will go, line it up with the right side and punch. This makes the punch go longer across.

5. Add three of the Hershey sticks in the packet, with the tops sticking out through the Word Window punchout.

6. Take a piece of sticky tape and tape the top and bottom of the Chocolate Chip cardstock together at the very top.

7. Punch a Groovy Guava scallop and a large Chocolate Chip Circle and adhere them together. Then adhere the entire thing to the center of the front of the Wild Wasabi piece. Punch a small circle through the entire thing-- the large Chocolate circle, Guava scallop and the Wasabi.

8. Add a couple pieces of sticky tape to the back inside piece of the Wild Wasabi piece and adhere it to the back of the Chocolate Chip piece.

9. Stamp your greeting on Groovy Guava and cut into a small tag. Punch a 1/8" hole in the end.
10. Slide Chocolate twill under the front of the holder and tie in a knot, threading the tag in before finishing the knot.


Rochelle W said...

Super cute Amy! I like the adjustments that you made. I also love that paper. I knew I should have got it. I see it everywhere.

Stampin Fairy said...

thanks for sharing it. I don't know why I never buy those sticks