Friday, May 2

At the Art Show

So this is the big weekend of the art/craft show. A co-worker invited me to have a booth at this show and I really didn't want to disappoint her. It's kinda neat. A group of moms, several years ago, started this non-profit and have been doing things to raise money for worthy community organizations. One of the things they started was this art/craft show. So, at least a quarter of the proceeds from our sales go to this local organization Carolina Outreach Foundation who's mission is this:

Work with families of children with behavioral, emotional, and mental health disabilities to provide them opportunities for recreation, vocational internships, and academic support.

Well, this is right up my ally. I used to be a teacher and I'm a huge child advocate. So I'm very happy to be working towards an organization that wants to better the lives of children. This is the 6th year for the show and we are hoping it is the best year yet. I've been working my butt off making things for this show. I've shown you a couple of things I've made here on the blog, but didn't want to spoil it for some of my customers who might be coming. So, next week, I will show you some pictures of my table and some of the items I am selling. I hope I do well. I'd like to be able to contribute well to the organization... plus I really don't want to bring this stuff home! Wish me luck!

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Kim's Korner said...

I'm sure you were a big hit. You are a great teacher and I'm happy to be on your team