Monday, May 5

Art Show Part II

So the Art/Craft Show was a huge success in several ways. It was sooo much fun. The organizers were fabulous and such fun and nice people. The other artists were also really nice people. It was really laid back and there was no competition as everyone seemed to be there for the same reason-- to raise money for this worthy organization-- which was really nice! We had a steady flow of traffic and I sold a lot of items, plus I made a lot of contacts-- which I was pretty happy about. Here are some pictures of my table and some of the items I sold. I'll add a few others in the coming days.


sherri said...

Great table Amy! It looks very professional and as expected, wonderful! Hallmark has nothing on you girl!


lisa Shay said...

Wow! Very impressive, indeed. Your time invested has certainly paid off. It's beeUtiful!

Kim's Korner said...

Yes I agree!!! Great table display and I actually had the opportunity to go by and visit Amy at the show. I loved all her ideas!!