Friday, October 19

RAKS From my Friends

These are a couple of very fun cards from a couple of very fun gals. Both ladies are in my stamp club and have become very good friends. I have to say that I have THE BEST stamp clubs. I am such a lucky demonstrator.
This first card is the famous criss-cross card... Nicole made this card after I taught it at club and was experimenting with colors and came up with this fabulous combination. I love when folks actually use what I teach. Amazing. That happens more as a demonstrator than when I was teaching high school... imagine that!!!
The second card is just plain cute! The inside says "my favorite things!" And that pretty much describes Debbie... along with the pink on the card. I'm not sure who's shoe stamp this (so I can't give credit), but it sure is cute-- as is the card!

Thanks to you both for making it fun to go to the mailbox!!

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