Saturday, October 24

Cleanse Update

Remember, I never ever thought I could do this. I thought I would crack immediately and eat a Reece Cup... but tomorrow is the last day-- Day 21-- and except for a very few minor slips, I DID IT! A few things that have happened over the last three weeks...

1. I realized that I can eat healthier. It didn't kill me. I'm still alive... and I actually like a lot more veggies than I thought.
2. I'm still craving a bit, but nothing like I did before. I went to an event last night and didn't even really want the chocolate cupcakes. I ate vegies and hummus and was happy.
3. I do feel like I've broken some bad habits... I hope I can keep them broken. I'm the type of person who could easily fall back into them.

So, everyone wants to know two things. First, was it worth it? Yes, definitely. In terms of outcomes, my sleeping is definitely improved... a huge plus! This was an initial goal. I think my stomach is feeling better. I have a lot of times when I feel like there is nothing but acid in there, just eating through-- nice visual I know. I haven't really felt that way for a couple weeks. Yeah! Seems like my allergies have been completely missing this fall and it may be attributable to this. And, the bonus is I've lost about 8-9 lbs and several inches in my hips and waist. It's not exactly how much I hoped to lose, but yeah for me! It's a start!

So, if you're thinking of doing the Standard Process cleanse, I would totally recommend it. A couple of recommendations:
1. Remember that it's a cleanse first and can lead to weight loss secondly. If you are thinking about it as a weight loss tool only, I think it can be misleading.
2. It helps to have a partner to do this with. It would have been nearly impossible for me without the support. Thanks Lisa and Mom.
3. Clean our your refrigerator, freezer and pantry before starting. If there is a temptation, you may fall for it. If not, you'll eat what's there-- fruit.
4. Avoid social events as much as possible during the three weeks. It just brings about temptation and if you have NO will power like me, that's all it takes and you're off the wagon.

My goal is to keep this up. I plan to continue drinking my yummy protein shakes with banana and pineapple for breakfast and eating fresh fruit and veggies every day. No more soda buts lots and lots of water. And, last, but surely not least, sweets in moderation. This is my downfall! But I'm committed.

The second thing that people keep asking is what have I missed the most and what will I eat on Monday. Three things that I've really missed and want-- an everything bagel with veggie cream cheese from Brueggers, a piece of pizza-- just plain cheese please-- and a piece of chocolate cake-- with or without icing is fine, I like the cake. So, I don't know for sure yet what I'll eat Monday. Certainly not all of that. But I do plan on going out with my cleanse partner for a girlie drink and a shared piece of chocolate cake to celebrate our success.

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