Saturday, October 25

Countdown to Christmas

I'm so proud of this project. This is the medium Countdown to Christmas Decor Elements in the Phase II brochure. They are fabulous and SO easy to use. This particular DE comes on one big sheet with the oval and all of the numbers. So you just cut off the oval and use it, and cut the individual numbers off to use one at a time. So for this project, I got this oval piece of wood from AC Moore. I added some natural stain and varnish to finish it off. Then I added my Decor Element on top. Adhering these is very easy and here are complete instructions. Then I added a nail in the middle of "only" and "days" to hang my numbers on. I added a couple of holes on each side of the top for the Candy Cane striped grosgrain ribbon to hang the plaque from. A little aside-- this was very funny. I was trying to get this ready for an early Sat morning club and I don't own a drill so at about 6:30 am I was pounding a screwdriver through this wood-- and I live in an apt building. It worked though-- huh? Anyway, I love that ribbon on there. Did you know it's from the Holiday Mini? For the numbers, I put each individual number on a piece of Vanilla Naturals cardstock and backed it with Chocolate Chip. I decorated each number with something holiday themed. I usd the felt snowflakes from the Holiday Mini, or jumbo brads with holiday pics in them, or just ribbon or stamped images. Then punched a hole in the middle to hang on the nail. This would be so fun for children to do as an advent type project and then countdown to the big day with the numbers. There is no candy involved, but if they make it then that's the fun part. The entire project with staining and all, only took a few hours.


Debbie said...

LOVE IT!!! Gotta make one myself! Debbie

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uh...are ya selling it? how much???