Monday, August 11

I'm Back and the New Catalog is Here

I'm so sorry I've been missing in action lately... This summer has been a real bummer. I've been traveling so much for work. Almost ever three weeks, I've been off again... somewhere else, to a new conference for work. First to Denver, then Arizona, then to Ohio for family, then to New Orleans, then I just went to Wisconsin. Now I'm home and I'm not going anywhere else for awhile. So I promise to be a better blogger. I've got things to play with and things to post. I can't wait to order new stamps from the NEW catalog.

Have you seen it?
If you have
n't, you need to get in touch with me, so you can get your copy. Or better yet, host a workshop and get a free catalog... and fabulous free hostess sets (they are sooo good!) and free merchandise! Call me today to get your stampin' booty!

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