Friday, April 12

Three Generations

This MDS page was very simple to design.  It is actually a template from the Downtown Grunge photobook.  Downtown Grunge is my favorite MDS download and I tend to use this more than almost any other of my MDS downloads.  

On top of this template (which included the background and four circles)  I added the stamp Well Worn and reduced the opacity to about 30%.  Then I added the tree from the Bold Branches stamp set over top and again reduced the opacity- this time to about 40%.  I added the picture and put a white frame around it and added a drop shadow.  This is something I always do with pictures and many of the elements as well-- add a border and drop shadow.  I added a few extra elements-- some black brads down the left side of the photo and a white zig-zag stitch along the bottom of the photo.  Lastly I added the title and date to finish off the page.

This was a very special picture to me of my dad, Gabbi and I last May.  I made this page last year, printed it and framed it and sent it to my dad for Christmas last year.  He loved it.

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