Tuesday, June 10

Sorry for no posts-- working-- BLECH

Greetings from Denver-- I'm actually traveling this week. Recruiting for my day job. In Denver the last couple of days and leaving this evening for Tuscon... returning Thursday evening for home in NC. Get this. Left NC on Sunday in record breaking 100+ degree humid heat, and arrived in Denver to 66 degree windy weather, and will go to Tuscon to 105 degree dry heat today. Good Lord, if I'm not sick by the time I return, I'll be one lucky duck.
Gotta get back because my little man, my best friend's baby Devak's big first birthday party is Saturday. CANNOT miss this big occasion. I cannot even imagine where this year went. This guy has grown up so quickly.

Anyway, greetings from the west. And, I promise to post a creation next week when I get back to my stamping desk. Hope all is well with you.

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