Monday, December 8

Ronald McDonald House Volunteer Get Together

So yesterday I hosted our 2nd annual holiday get together for the volunteers at the Chapel Hill Ronald McDonald House. We had a great time. Last year we started to get together early in December and make cards to take to the house for residents to use during the season. They were so appreciative. As you can imagine, Christmas cards is one of the last things on your mind when your child is having health issues.
This year, there were 6 of us and each of us created a card and had supplies for each person to do 2 of them. Six designs, 12 of each for 72 total! I just know they will love them. Everyone came up with such great designs-- cute but easy. Thanks to Brenda, Ellen, Nan and Rosalind for sharing your afternoon with us!


Jenn D said...

Such cute cards and what a wonderful gift to those families staying in the house right now. Good work ladies!

Audrey Pettit said...

What a great thing to do, Amy! Those cards look wonderful, and I'm sure those families will be so appreciative.