Monday, December 8

Army of Snowpeople

Check out this cute little gift idea. It's a jumbo Hershey Bar under that cute little snowperson. I found something similar on Dawn's blog and added a few little things to make it mine. So easy that it really doesn't even need an explanation! Enjoy!

My mom decided to make some of the regular size bars for her friends this year as well as for a craft show I'm doing. So here she is (in our messy room) making 36 of these folks. She did a fabulous job. They look like a little army of snowpeople.


Nancy Riley said...

These are so darn CUTE!

Laurie said...

Super cute and nice job!

Frannie said...

Amy, I love your snowpeople! Very cute indeed! Does it have real buttons on it or white highlights on the circle punches? Does it have some kind of 'foot' on it or is that just a shadow. I'm one of those people who needs instructions. :) Thanks!