Tuesday, April 29

Fruity Fun

I wasn't a big "Tart and Tangy" fan at first... but then I realized it was the PERFECT set to teach the scratch & sniff technique. So, like so many other things in the Occasions Mini, I had to have it, along with the Summer Picnic Designer Paper. Yikes... so much cute stuff. And, we just found out, that we can play with the goodies in the mini for an extra month. Yep, we get to use the mini until the end of JUNE instead of May. YEAH!

So, for the scratch & sniff cards. These are the ever famous flap cards, very very easy to make.

The scratch & sniff recipe is a ancient secret recipe, but since I love you all, I'll share with you. It's one part sniff and two parts clear embossing powder. Now, the sniff is the key, of course. It has to be a sugar free product such as Kool-aid or a spice or sugar free hot cocoa. You get the idea! Sugar free because you have to emboss it and heat and sugar do not mix!

So, just stamp the image in your specific ink color, then re-stamp in Versamark. Cover in the sniff recipe, emboss and scratch away for a sweet scent! Too cute huh?

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