Thursday, March 20

Happy Everything

This is a fun card with a fun story that I thought I'd share with you today.

My mom is from Ohio, but much prefers the NC winters so has been with me since January. Well, she kinda forgot a friend's birthday in late January and the friend isn't very happy about it. So, we came up with this cute card to make up for it and sent it last month.

Now, if you got this card, wouldn't you get over it and be thrilled? Nope, not a word from her friend. She's really mad... Hmmph.


Rosella said...

What a great idea for us forgetful people! I would definitely get over my anger with this one! TFS!

Nicole said...

Too cute! You'll have to teach me this new card technique!

Anonymous said...

This really is clever; if she's still mad, is she really a friend? Would love to see how you made this. It's so appropriate for my use sometimes. Would you email it to me at Thanks.