Friday, September 28

Cutest Little Pumpkins

So I was blog surfing and ran across the cutest little pumpkins so thought I'd try to create some of my own. Here they are. They are easy to make. Just cut designer paper into strips 1 inch by 6 inches then punch a 1/8 inch hole in the top and bottom of each strip. Then thread chocolate ribbon through the two holes tying knots on the inside and outside of each hole. Then fan out the strips to make the round shape. I used the old Daisy punch in garden green on top and curled some strips paper for decoration. In case you are wondering, some of the designer paper I used is current and some is retired. I'm running out of the Creepy Crawly. Aren't these stinkin' cute!


Sherri said...

They are so stinkin' cute! Great job as always Amy.

Melissa said...

These are ADORABLE! And what a way to use up remnants of that cute paper.